Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Progress Wed 2nd Jan 2013

A dull drizzly day with the works train out and about.

1 wagon load of logs was collected for resale, the chippings for track packing relocated to an empty grampus at Shottle, sleepers loaded for carriage siding extension, evra shed located at Idridgehay loaded for transfer back to Wirksworth, portaloo ditto, some ditching work at mp 137 and 20 tons of spoil from Idridgehay cutting loaded to rudd for disposal elswhere. The oxy propane equipment was loaded for return to Wirksworth pending repairs to the flail next week which is sulking in a sorry state behind the weighbridge.

Platform builders at Shottle laid a goodly amount of the top course on the initial 80 foot of wall taken down for rebuild with a further 60 foot of copings removed in readiness for the rebuilding of the next section.

Rodney was busy collecting various items re santa trains and filling of mud holes in Duffield car park seemed to be the highlight of his day.

Any other work at Wirksworth I am in ignorance of as we didn't return till dark when others more sensibly had scurried off home.


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