Thursday, 17 January 2013

Progress Wed 16th Jan 2013.

Welcome to Antarctica. If you have a look on the web cams you will note the freezing conditions at Wirksworth with the temp this morning at 8 a.m. minus 9 centigrade. As you can imagine this has curtailed our activities somewhat having to cancel tomorrows P way work and with the prospect of another 20 centimetres of snow this weekend all of next weeks work too excepting a rather pressing drainage problem.

However, the carriage siding was completed today except the packing, the rail cutter was repaired, the aforementioned drainage problem was assessed with our willing contractor and the tool van had a tidy out. Also yesterday the platform building team pulled down more wall and spent the day cleaning and grading the stone since any concreting or building work has now stopped because of the frost.

Despite the terrible weather the booking office was open for business and much admin work was pursued in the Ministry of Administrative affairs a.k.a Martin's Office. The business of running a railway carries on even when it's closed.

The Komatsu is still sulking, however , there has been a development- the door locks and the cab and engine room doors are so frozen solid access is denied and it resembles something found buried in the Arctic tundra - a bit like a yellow mammoth. Perhaps when it thaws out it will come alive again.