Thursday, 24 January 2013

Progress Thursday 24th January 2012

Dear all
The inhospitable conditions prevailed again today and the general ambiance at Wirksworth was not aided by a Drive a Diesel customer telephoning from Eastbourne where the sun was shining on a balmy Spring day!
Nonetheless, the endeavour moved forward with repairs to L J Breeze with the aid of Graham's secret supply of Meths. A most welcome piece of work which will aid the return to normal next week if the forecasts are to be believed. The "Bubble Car" team were really on the last lap as they completed the trim in the Guards compartment and, again, the return of this vehicle to the fleet will be most useful.
The DST are putting in unheard of extra hours as they prepare No3 for its excursion to Proud Preston in February and the both the Booking Hall and Pullman Buffet Car were in revenue generation mode.
A good day considering!