Thursday, 31 January 2013

Progress Thurs 31st Jan 2013.

Another sunny day ( to begin with ) had p way dealing with a serious and long standing drainage issue near bridge 22 (callow park cutting)where water from the hillside is supposed to cross the railway in a 3 foot dia syphon had escaped its intended route across the adjacent field and was flowing freely down the cutting slope causing severe erosion of the earthworks. A few hours work from our friendly contractor soon had the offending flood back where it should be. For those who want to know a syphon is a cast iron sectional drain that runs down one side of a cutting slope, under the railway and back up the other side conveying water across the cutting- damn clever stuff. Other work today for p way included changing a broken fishplate and replacing missing spacer blocks in wash green xover.

DMU team applied the final coat of paint to the bubble car guards compartment and joinery work in one of the drivers cabs. The inspection saloon also benefited from resealing of its gutters.

VCT were in force with 7 members and 2 fires widening our vista south of Idridgehay.

Steam team spent the day fitting the side rods to No3 after attention to its bearings, commissioning the newly installed mechanical lubricator and getting the loco ready for test steaming at the weekend.

As you will be aware from Martin's post we received a further 3 coaches today courtesy of EVRA for use on the railway. A CK, SK and an SO. For information an SO is a second class open with 2 plus one seating - ideal for a restaurant car, a CK is a composite corridor - which means a corridor coach with compartments a proportion of which are first class and an SK is a corridor coach with compartments which are all second class - yes I know corridor doesn't begin with a K but try telling that to BR 40 years ago. The CK is the best of the bunch and should be in traffic this summer with the other two requiring a bit more work but all three are not half bad considering what else is on offer and the price paid. I should add that owing to EU regulations regarding offensive class distinctions in future an SK will be known as a DK (developing corridor), a CK will be know as a DDK (developing and developed corridor)and an SO will be known as a DF (developing freedom).