Sunday, 20 January 2013

Progress Sunday 20th January 2013

Dear all,

Well, the wind fairly whipped round our parts today (as they say in Yorkshire), or at least that bit of it coming from Siberia did. A general effort went into snow clearing and gritting various areas including the platforms, the front of the Booking Hall, and some of station approach where the ice could be chipped away. This kept the Duty Conscript and his close personal friend occupied, as well as some of the rest of us.

The buffet dealt with some random chilly visitors and these appeared to spend some time inspecting the new visitor attraction on platform 2; an igloo. This being a result of yesterday's team building exercise: it's not terribly big, though you could get a fair size Labrador in it, so possibly it should be called a dogloo.

Meanwhile, down the yard, the LMSCA, wearing Mason's Patent Arctic survival underpants, carried on with welding the replacement skin on the east side of the BSK and with fitting drain sections into the door woodwork.

All the best,