Saturday, 26 January 2013

Progress Saturday 26th January 2013

Dear all,

No train service today but some twenty or so volunteers braved this morning's toboggan run and made it to Wirksworth. The snow was covering the roads this morning making driving in risky but it was worth it to see the amusing parking on the station driveway.

It wasn't long before things settled down and the day turned out pleasantly sunny. The DMU team worked on two vehicles today, occasionally interrupted by the odd avalanche from shed roofs and the clicking of the kettle. Work continued on the 119 with attention being turned to the vestibule once again, whilst further along much poking was done as repairs to the rotten cant rail above the guards doors commenced. Other members of the team continued working to complete the Bubble Cars cab and make the vehicle mechanically ready for a return to service.

Across the yard, the steam team continued working on No.3 to ready it for the season, once they had managed to get to it.

The Pullman Buffet benefitted from passing trade and hungry staff, appetites being worked up from the shovelling of snow (hopefully for the final time).