Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Progress Report Tuesday the 8th of January 2013

Dear all,

Much activity around the railway today, although we were a trifle damp
later. Down at milepost 137 3/4 some extremities were trimmed, a couple
of fires lit and lots of logs cut ready for transmission to our
ever-expanding queue of customers. At Shottle, 3 tons of concrete were
mixed and poured in pursuit of the perfect platform; closely followed by
the greasing of 20 pairs of fishplate joints and the replacement of one
fracture near Hazelwood in pursuit of the perfect permanent way. The
general theme of track continued with a detachment bringing in the
various parts needed to extend the carriage siding by a further length:
particularly as we may be needing the extra length in a very soon moment.

Down the yard, the flickering lights indicated welding work on the BSK
east side doors, accompanied by window work in the LMS Third Open. The
LMSCA were however temporarily pre-occupied by the construction of a
vice box. The vice box is intended to keep the weather off our vice, as
opposed to being a box to put our vices in. Meanwhile, the DMU team, who
are well known for their vices, were fault finding on the 119 and
sealing the gutters on the Bubble Car, which is very nearly ready to
emerge from its chrysalis. Also in the chrysalis, known to its friends
as the shed, steam engine Kathryn was having some of its tubes pulled
and its parts ground. In the steam shed locomotive No3 was being
prepared for short holiday it is about to take up North.

The statistical department scratched its head and found we had operated
some 305685 passenger miles: pretty persistent if we only had one
passenger, but I expect we had a couple more.

All the best,