Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Progress Report Tuesday the 29th of January 2013

Dear all,

Well, we were fairly rushed off our feet today, now the weather has
improved the place was like an ant hill stirred with a stick. Down the
line, the VCT eliminated a considerable amount of lineside brash close
to Idridgehay, and the platform at Shottle progressed both in terms of
on-site work and in terms of the delivery of some aggregate for the
platform surface. Nearer to base the P-Way gang, ever up to their necks
in muck and bullets, cleared the Gorsey Bank catch pits, after having
spent the morning completing the down carriage siding extension with a
slow Komatsu and a lot of shovels.

Around the newly completed extension, the LMSCA proceeded with their
current favourite tasks (of doors and windows) for the Third Open and
the BSK. A twinge further on, part of the steam team were busy attending
to No 3, which is in the process of having its coupling rods fitted:
this first requires the fine adjustment of the white metal bearings, by
a process of colouring them blue and then scraping bits off them so that
they fit more snugly than your Calvins. The other part of the steam team
were occupied with Kathryn, amongst the tubes and brake gear, otherwise
known as Higham by Floodlight.

Nearby, just outside the magnificent edifice known as the shed, part of
the DMU team were painting the interior of the guard's compartment of
the Bubble Car a tasteful cream colour; and in the cab, attention was
being given to the switching and battery circuits. In the class 119, the
rest of the DMU team, apparently wearing Frock of the Month, were fixing
more door seal rubbers and flooring around the vestibule, and Village
Green was varnishing the destination box which he repaired with that
bucket of water last Sunday.

If anyone is interested in a home/garage carpentry project of making
some valencing (the spiky bits that hang off the edge of a station
canopy), for which you will need 1. A garage, 2. Some power tools such
as a drill and a jigsaw, and 3. Your wits about you; please contact me
on my return email of anton-shone@btconnect.com and I will describe this
project to see if you might be interested.

All the best,