Sunday, 27 January 2013

Progress Report Sunday the 27th of January 2012

Dear all,

Thankfully much of the snow which has been around us has gone, although
it lingers somewhat up here in the Peak District, but we hope the rest
of it will have departed in a day or two. The Duty Conscript was busy
with a length of wood, measuring and cutting a new post for the platform
1 foot crossing gate, and he also managed to prime it as well. Stokes
Fabricators re-instated the bus stop, back from its temporary role as a
Christmas Tree, though it was necessary to resort to the manual method
with a brace and bit as our choice selection of battery drills were all
flat, a common problem.

Down the yard, the DMU team, after trudging through the snow, fixed and
welded a new section of plating beneath the cant rail (the bit below the
edge of the roof of a carriage) near the class 119 guards door, where
the tin worms had been; inside, the vestibule was marmoliumised (piece
of lino glued onto the floor); some of the door trim rubbers were fitted
to the passenger doors and Village Green, known as Rob to his friends,
repaired the destination blind box with a bucket of water.

Racing along in the BSK, the LMSCA continued with door refurbishment,
which has been a major issue with this vehicle, and sanded the side
corridor walls and ceiling, and then painted the side corridor ceiling,
the first part of much interior painting, staining and varnishing to
come in that (shortly to be) fine vehicle.

All the best,