Sunday, 13 January 2013

Progress Report Sunday the 13th of January 2013

Dear all,

A quiet, dry and sunny winter's day here in Wirksworth. The LMSCA
carried on with the business of doors on the BSK, notably around the
guard's door, an edifice which is more rust than door, but which will
soon be pristine. The DMU team carried on with assorted repairs and
fault finding on the class 119, together with the removal of rust and
paint by the application of the grinder.

Some tidying up took place around the car park, but in the absence of
the Duty Conscript we had to content ourselves with the mere application
of the yard brush. I am told that the National Microwave Museum will
shortly be opening in the Mess Room. Some bigger, hairier, and more
manly locks were also fitted to the EVRA shoppe.

All the best,