Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Dear all,

A very chilly start to the day, with snow on the ground and flurries during the day. Nevertheless considerable activity was evident in all parts of the empire, including at Shottle, where more of the old platform wall was in the process of being demolished, and much clearance and burning also took place in the near vicinity.


Around Wirksworth the p-way gang was in evidence putting in the carriage siding extension, having dealt with the concrete base of a former turning bollard cunningly left in the way by the previous owners. Close by, the LMSCA reduced the temperature of the LMS TO by taking two windows out, as a part of the plan to put them back in again. Adjacent to this, the sound of scraping was evident from the BSK, where, miraculously, all the windows and doors appear to be intact.


In the shed of steam, the steam team were engaged in buffer buffing and brass polishing around number 3 and across the track in the TMF (Temporary Maintenance Facility) a further detachment of the steam team were assisting with an inspection of Kathryn.


Also in the TMF, much scraping appeared to be going on in the class 119 as was taking place in the BSK, in both cases ready for varnishing and painting of interiors. This theme continued in W55006, the Bubble Car, where the new cab Formica and trim was on display.


Back at the station the Passenger Department met en-mass to deal with Santa feedback and plan a vast new lucrative Santa operation for 2013.


Also the Lectric man came and read the meter: not quite so lucrative.


All the best,