Thursday, 31 January 2013

Progress Thurs 31st Jan 2013.

Another sunny day ( to begin with ) had p way dealing with a serious and long standing drainage issue near bridge 22 (callow park cutting)where water from the hillside is supposed to cross the railway in a 3 foot dia syphon had escaped its intended route across the adjacent field and was flowing freely down the cutting slope causing severe erosion of the earthworks. A few hours work from our friendly contractor soon had the offending flood back where it should be. For those who want to know a syphon is a cast iron sectional drain that runs down one side of a cutting slope, under the railway and back up the other side conveying water across the cutting- damn clever stuff. Other work today for p way included changing a broken fishplate and replacing missing spacer blocks in wash green xover.

DMU team applied the final coat of paint to the bubble car guards compartment and joinery work in one of the drivers cabs. The inspection saloon also benefited from resealing of its gutters.

VCT were in force with 7 members and 2 fires widening our vista south of Idridgehay.

Steam team spent the day fitting the side rods to No3 after attention to its bearings, commissioning the newly installed mechanical lubricator and getting the loco ready for test steaming at the weekend.

As you will be aware from Martin's post we received a further 3 coaches today courtesy of EVRA for use on the railway. A CK, SK and an SO. For information an SO is a second class open with 2 plus one seating - ideal for a restaurant car, a CK is a composite corridor - which means a corridor coach with compartments a proportion of which are first class and an SK is a corridor coach with compartments which are all second class - yes I know corridor doesn't begin with a K but try telling that to BR 40 years ago. The CK is the best of the bunch and should be in traffic this summer with the other two requiring a bit more work but all three are not half bad considering what else is on offer and the price paid. I should add that owing to EU regulations regarding offensive class distinctions in future an SK will be known as a DK (developing corridor), a CK will be know as a DDK (developing and developed corridor)and an SO will be known as a DF (developing freedom).


Thursday 31st January 2013

Dear all
The last day of January saw a great convoy arrive conveying three Mark 1 coaches purchased on behalf of the Railway by EVRA to form a base for future locomotive hauled trains. Varying degrees of restoration will be required but the first out of "shops" should be available by May this year.
The photo attached is of a crowded Wirksworth unloading point and Leigh managed to snatch a video of an unloading method unseen by any of us before.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Progress Wed 30th Jan 2013.

What a difference a week makes with last week a polar bears paradise and this week a proverbial sun kist Wirksworth. Much work carried out today by p way with a full line patrol and the 3 monthly ground frame lube, inspection and fpl check completed on our 7 ground frames.

Shottle platform builders were in their element in the fine weather with the south ramp completed and 50 feet of the next bottom course built on the concrete laid yesterday. More deliveries of sand, gravel and cement also received today at vast expense.

Booking office and buffet both open for business as usual and hopefully we might get some trains running this weekend providing mother nature remembers we aren't inside the Arctic circle.

Oh, and joy of joy the Komatsus' computer having had it's batteries disconnected for a week has rebooted itself and is now working normally presumably under expectation of permanent termination having had it's power supply annexed for a week - if it plays up again- Asta la vista baby (perhaps not the correct spelling but you get my drift.)
Computer nil - big hammer one.


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Tunes and Chips

Good afternoon,

Following on from a very successful Skiffle and Chips last year, we are excited to announce that Please Y'Self will be back to play their excellent skiffle music on the train again. 

Join us for an evening excursion between Wirksworth and Duffield on Saturday 7th September, with live music on board from Please Y'self and a portion of the national favourite at Duffield. 

Tickets are priced at £15.00 and include train travel, live music and food. A trolley service will also be on the train.

See for more details. I realise it is still a long way off yet but last years excursion sold out, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Many thanks,


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Progress Report Tuesday the 29th of January 2013

Dear all,

Well, we were fairly rushed off our feet today, now the weather has
improved the place was like an ant hill stirred with a stick. Down the
line, the VCT eliminated a considerable amount of lineside brash close
to Idridgehay, and the platform at Shottle progressed both in terms of
on-site work and in terms of the delivery of some aggregate for the
platform surface. Nearer to base the P-Way gang, ever up to their necks
in muck and bullets, cleared the Gorsey Bank catch pits, after having
spent the morning completing the down carriage siding extension with a
slow Komatsu and a lot of shovels.

Around the newly completed extension, the LMSCA proceeded with their
current favourite tasks (of doors and windows) for the Third Open and
the BSK. A twinge further on, part of the steam team were busy attending
to No 3, which is in the process of having its coupling rods fitted:
this first requires the fine adjustment of the white metal bearings, by
a process of colouring them blue and then scraping bits off them so that
they fit more snugly than your Calvins. The other part of the steam team
were occupied with Kathryn, amongst the tubes and brake gear, otherwise
known as Higham by Floodlight.

Nearby, just outside the magnificent edifice known as the shed, part of
the DMU team were painting the interior of the guard's compartment of
the Bubble Car a tasteful cream colour; and in the cab, attention was
being given to the switching and battery circuits. In the class 119, the
rest of the DMU team, apparently wearing Frock of the Month, were fixing
more door seal rubbers and flooring around the vestibule, and Village
Green was varnishing the destination box which he repaired with that
bucket of water last Sunday.

If anyone is interested in a home/garage carpentry project of making
some valencing (the spiky bits that hang off the edge of a station
canopy), for which you will need 1. A garage, 2. Some power tools such
as a drill and a jigsaw, and 3. Your wits about you; please contact me
on my return email of and I will describe this
project to see if you might be interested.

All the best,

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Progress Report Sunday the 27th of January 2012

Dear all,

Thankfully much of the snow which has been around us has gone, although
it lingers somewhat up here in the Peak District, but we hope the rest
of it will have departed in a day or two. The Duty Conscript was busy
with a length of wood, measuring and cutting a new post for the platform
1 foot crossing gate, and he also managed to prime it as well. Stokes
Fabricators re-instated the bus stop, back from its temporary role as a
Christmas Tree, though it was necessary to resort to the manual method
with a brace and bit as our choice selection of battery drills were all
flat, a common problem.

Down the yard, the DMU team, after trudging through the snow, fixed and
welded a new section of plating beneath the cant rail (the bit below the
edge of the roof of a carriage) near the class 119 guards door, where
the tin worms had been; inside, the vestibule was marmoliumised (piece
of lino glued onto the floor); some of the door trim rubbers were fitted
to the passenger doors and Village Green, known as Rob to his friends,
repaired the destination blind box with a bucket of water.

Racing along in the BSK, the LMSCA continued with door refurbishment,
which has been a major issue with this vehicle, and sanded the side
corridor walls and ceiling, and then painted the side corridor ceiling,
the first part of much interior painting, staining and varnishing to
come in that (shortly to be) fine vehicle.

All the best,

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Progress Saturday 26th January 2013

Dear all,

No train service today but some twenty or so volunteers braved this morning's toboggan run and made it to Wirksworth. The snow was covering the roads this morning making driving in risky but it was worth it to see the amusing parking on the station driveway.

It wasn't long before things settled down and the day turned out pleasantly sunny. The DMU team worked on two vehicles today, occasionally interrupted by the odd avalanche from shed roofs and the clicking of the kettle. Work continued on the 119 with attention being turned to the vestibule once again, whilst further along much poking was done as repairs to the rotten cant rail above the guards doors commenced. Other members of the team continued working to complete the Bubble Cars cab and make the vehicle mechanically ready for a return to service.

Across the yard, the steam team continued working on No.3 to ready it for the season, once they had managed to get to it.

The Pullman Buffet benefitted from passing trade and hungry staff, appetites being worked up from the shovelling of snow (hopefully for the final time).



Thursday, 24 January 2013

Progress Thursday 24th January 2012

Dear all
The inhospitable conditions prevailed again today and the general ambiance at Wirksworth was not aided by a Drive a Diesel customer telephoning from Eastbourne where the sun was shining on a balmy Spring day!
Nonetheless, the endeavour moved forward with repairs to L J Breeze with the aid of Graham's secret supply of Meths. A most welcome piece of work which will aid the return to normal next week if the forecasts are to be believed. The "Bubble Car" team were really on the last lap as they completed the trim in the Guards compartment and, again, the return of this vehicle to the fleet will be most useful.
The DST are putting in unheard of extra hours as they prepare No3 for its excursion to Proud Preston in February and the both the Booking Hall and Pullman Buffet Car were in revenue generation mode.
A good day considering!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Wirksworth Hopper

Dear all

As an additional attraction for our visitors arriving at Wirksworth, we are proposing to introduce a mini bus service to Carsington Water on six Saturdays of the summer holiday. The vehicle used would be the community bus based in Wirksworth and would operate perhaps 4 round trips on the day.

For this proposal to work there would need to be a small pool of EVR drivers with a D1 provision on their licence (automatic for anyone who passed their test before 1997). In order for us to do this professionally however, we would wish drivers to receive a Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS) certificate. The training for this takes the form of a two-day course covering theory, health and safety, dealing with any disabled passengers and a driving test using the 16 seater minibus. This is a national certificate and could be used anywhere in the UK.

Would anyone interested in volunteering for one of these sessions in this way or if you already have a MiDAS or other bus qualification and feel you could help, please let me know on my return email of

All the best,

Progress Wednesday 23rd January 2013

Dear all
It's almost tempting to say there was no progress in view of the prevailing weather conditions that are visible to all our watchers through the web cams.
Nonetheless, the telephone does not stop ringing with commercial opportunties containing group bookings making the future quite attractive. The Pullman Buffet Car was also open for business with walkers providing a modest boost to our finances.
The EVRA team were strengthening their shop as some of their model railway stock seems to attract quite high prices.
There is a photo of a particularly threatening Snowman replicating the Dr Who Christmas Special.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Progress Tuesday 22nd January 2013

Dear all,

A chilly day, but wonderfully sunny, lovely for taking pictures of our fine valley. Inevitably, however, we were still clearing snow, after having cleared it several times already. Around the site little groups of cheerful souls slid around on their merry way to assorted tasks.

The steam team were fitting the connecting rods on No3 in readiness for its working holiday at the Ribble Steam Railway Gala on the 16th and 17th of February. A little further on, the LMSCA had taken their TO windows out again, what hardy volunteers we have; and in the BSK the doors were in hand and sanding of the corridor was taking place ready for the application of varnish when the weather warms up.

Further down the yard, railcar W55006 was receiving more panelling and finishing work to its guards van, and in the class 119 the rhythmic sound of scraping plus some suspected heavy breathing announced that the interior of its guards van was being prepared for painting.

All the best,

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Progress Sunday 20th January 2013

Dear all,

Well, the wind fairly whipped round our parts today (as they say in Yorkshire), or at least that bit of it coming from Siberia did. A general effort went into snow clearing and gritting various areas including the platforms, the front of the Booking Hall, and some of station approach where the ice could be chipped away. This kept the Duty Conscript and his close personal friend occupied, as well as some of the rest of us.

The buffet dealt with some random chilly visitors and these appeared to spend some time inspecting the new visitor attraction on platform 2; an igloo. This being a result of yesterday's team building exercise: it's not terribly big, though you could get a fair size Labrador in it, so possibly it should be called a dogloo.

Meanwhile, down the yard, the LMSCA, wearing Mason's Patent Arctic survival underpants, carried on with welding the replacement skin on the east side of the BSK and with fitting drain sections into the door woodwork.

All the best,

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Saturday 19/01/2013


After the snow had  caused havoc with the local roads around  Wirksworth  and elsewhere there was still dedicated staff who traveled to the railway and for those of us who who braved the weather arrived to find it  under at least 4 inches of fresh snow  and the locks nicely frozen
But even the winter conditions failed to stop visitors as quite a  few  arrived to travel on the railway but like many other local railways  we coulds only offer them the hot delights of the buffet
A few members of the dmu team tried to deal with the  119 but decided on  a team building exercise instead and were to be found erecting  a new form of residence upon the frozen plains of wirksworth
Some of the steam team were in attendence and were soon busy dealing with the preperation of No3s rods  
Two members of  staff were soon  shoveling away the snow on platform 1 and 2 and made good use of the  warm buffet for hot refreshment as the temp plumeted .

well its off for a nice hot meal and prepare for another interesting day tomorrow

ATB  John Evans

Friday, 18 January 2013

Winter Timetable Sat 19th Jan Cancelled

Our teams have assesed the conditions around Wirksworth and have decided that, whilst the tracks itself is OK, the roads around the town are not good. We have therefore decided not to operate our winter timetable tomorrow.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Progress Thursday 17th January 2013

Dear all
Those of you who look at these posts regularly may be wondering why missives have become less regular of late. I can assure you there remains a tremendous amount of work going on everyday but I have been concentrating on fund raising and debt collection to ensure we ride out a most difficult winter period and Anton has been "upgraded" resulting in all but the simplest email processes being made more difficult!
There were teams on site today in the most challenging conditions endeavouring to complete the "Bubble Car" restoration. Rod & Mary braved a journey from north of Buxton to achieve work on our steam fleet in the peace and quiet of a Thursday and the LMSCA wrestled with the continued renovation of the Mark 1 BSK.
The Pullman Buffet Car was in operation and the Booking Hall was warmed by the prospect of group and charter bookings to come. The scale of the financial heights to be climbed at this time of year and the way that costs impact on our enterprise is this quarter's electricity bill of over £4,500. Rodney has prepared Duffield platform for the proposed Saturday train service but events may overtake us.
Nonetheless, we will have to coast over the next week or so as the weather predictions are dreadful with all thoughts of permanent way work put on the back burner for the time being.
On a positive note, Driver experience bookings for both steam and diesel seem more buoyant than ever and I have enjoyed an email exchange with a customer from Sydney, Australia who is enjoying the warmest weather since 1939 and a shareholder in the Caymen Islands who is struggling with a temperature of 80F. I have just invited them to view the webcams to see what we are enduring.

Progress Wed 16th Jan 2013.

Welcome to Antarctica. If you have a look on the web cams you will note the freezing conditions at Wirksworth with the temp this morning at 8 a.m. minus 9 centigrade. As you can imagine this has curtailed our activities somewhat having to cancel tomorrows P way work and with the prospect of another 20 centimetres of snow this weekend all of next weeks work too excepting a rather pressing drainage problem.

However, the carriage siding was completed today except the packing, the rail cutter was repaired, the aforementioned drainage problem was assessed with our willing contractor and the tool van had a tidy out. Also yesterday the platform building team pulled down more wall and spent the day cleaning and grading the stone since any concreting or building work has now stopped because of the frost.

Despite the terrible weather the booking office was open for business and much admin work was pursued in the Ministry of Administrative affairs a.k.a Martin's Office. The business of running a railway carries on even when it's closed.

The Komatsu is still sulking, however , there has been a development- the door locks and the cab and engine room doors are so frozen solid access is denied and it resembles something found buried in the Arctic tundra - a bit like a yellow mammoth. Perhaps when it thaws out it will come alive again.


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Dear all,

A very chilly start to the day, with snow on the ground and flurries during the day. Nevertheless considerable activity was evident in all parts of the empire, including at Shottle, where more of the old platform wall was in the process of being demolished, and much clearance and burning also took place in the near vicinity.


Around Wirksworth the p-way gang was in evidence putting in the carriage siding extension, having dealt with the concrete base of a former turning bollard cunningly left in the way by the previous owners. Close by, the LMSCA reduced the temperature of the LMS TO by taking two windows out, as a part of the plan to put them back in again. Adjacent to this, the sound of scraping was evident from the BSK, where, miraculously, all the windows and doors appear to be intact.


In the shed of steam, the steam team were engaged in buffer buffing and brass polishing around number 3 and across the track in the TMF (Temporary Maintenance Facility) a further detachment of the steam team were assisting with an inspection of Kathryn.


Also in the TMF, much scraping appeared to be going on in the class 119 as was taking place in the BSK, in both cases ready for varnishing and painting of interiors. This theme continued in W55006, the Bubble Car, where the new cab Formica and trim was on display.


Back at the station the Passenger Department met en-mass to deal with Santa feedback and plan a vast new lucrative Santa operation for 2013.


Also the Lectric man came and read the meter: not quite so lucrative.


All the best,

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Progress Report Sunday the 13th of January 2013

Dear all,

A quiet, dry and sunny winter's day here in Wirksworth. The LMSCA
carried on with the business of doors on the BSK, notably around the
guard's door, an edifice which is more rust than door, but which will
soon be pristine. The DMU team carried on with assorted repairs and
fault finding on the class 119, together with the removal of rust and
paint by the application of the grinder.

Some tidying up took place around the car park, but in the absence of
the Duty Conscript we had to content ourselves with the mere application
of the yard brush. I am told that the National Microwave Museum will
shortly be opening in the Mess Room. Some bigger, hairier, and more
manly locks were also fitted to the EVRA shoppe.

All the best,

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Progress Report 12th January 2013

Dear All,

A busy day down at Derbyshire's favourite branch line. Our scheduled passenger service hosted modest numbers and a group of enthusiasts from the Battlefield Line visited the yard and were most grateful for the hospitality they enjoyed. Down the yard the LMSCA's installation of new carriage doors is nearing completion. The steam team were busy with Number 3 undertaking a number of tasks ensuring it will be ready for the demands of this year. The DMU restoration team focussed their attentions on W51073. A number of minor leaks were attended to and it became obvious that Oliver Hornblower has identified what he wants for next Xmas. The team enjoyed the fruits of their labour by driving the unit to platform 3 and I am happy to report to the joy of all concerned that the 119 performed very well.

All the best,


Progress Report Saturday 12th January 2013

Dear All,

A busy day down at Derbyshire's favourite branch line. Our scheduled passenger service hosted modest numbers and a group of enthusiasts from the Battlefield Line visited the yard and were most grateful for the hospitality they enjoyed. Down the yard the LMSCA's installation of new carriage doors is nearing completion. The steam team were busy with Number 3 undertaking a number of tasks ensuring it will be ready for the demands of this year. The DMU restoration team focussed their attentions on W51073. A number of minor leaks were attended to and it became obvious that Oliver Hornblower has identified what he wants for next Xmas. The team enjoyed the fruits of their labour by driving the unit to platform 3 and I am happy to report to the joy of all concerned that the 119 performed very well.

All the best,


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Progress Thursday 10th Jan 2013

Another cold and bright day with one of our test customers undergoing a full 1530 test of their equipment under the watchful eye of one of Interfleets' test engineers who also sampled the delights of the buffet at lunch time.

P Way continued with the carriage siding extension doing battle with a stubborn concrete block placed in the way by the Druids of Wirksworth during construction of their own version of stonehendge.

Many thanks to Doug, Hylton and Rod for tackling repairs to the flail the frame of which required substantial repair due to metal fatigue.

Mike continued to drag the bubble car kicking and screaming behind him towards completion while the rest of the DMU team carried on with further work to the 119 unit.

The Komatsu continues to sulk.


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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Progress Wed 9th Jan 2013

A bright and sunny day saw the platform building team at Shottle complete the top course on the first section with about 75% of the next section taken down.

Pway were out and about but not doing our planned work for today as the Komatsu has decided to sulk with the electronic management system thinking there's a fault when there isn't resulting in the machine locked in limp home mode which is about 1 mph. This is an intermittent fault that manifests itself from time to time- even Komatsu fitters are stumped with this one. Anyway, despite our problems we managed to trip unwanted wagons to Shottle, construct half of the carriage siding extension and grease 12 pairs of fishplates.

Booking office had some success today with group bookings waking up after Christmas.

A lone DMU personage also carried out further work on the bubble car which can't be far away from completion.


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Progress Report Tuesday the 8th of January 2013

Dear all,

Much activity around the railway today, although we were a trifle damp
later. Down at milepost 137 3/4 some extremities were trimmed, a couple
of fires lit and lots of logs cut ready for transmission to our
ever-expanding queue of customers. At Shottle, 3 tons of concrete were
mixed and poured in pursuit of the perfect platform; closely followed by
the greasing of 20 pairs of fishplate joints and the replacement of one
fracture near Hazelwood in pursuit of the perfect permanent way. The
general theme of track continued with a detachment bringing in the
various parts needed to extend the carriage siding by a further length:
particularly as we may be needing the extra length in a very soon moment.

Down the yard, the flickering lights indicated welding work on the BSK
east side doors, accompanied by window work in the LMS Third Open. The
LMSCA were however temporarily pre-occupied by the construction of a
vice box. The vice box is intended to keep the weather off our vice, as
opposed to being a box to put our vices in. Meanwhile, the DMU team, who
are well known for their vices, were fault finding on the 119 and
sealing the gutters on the Bubble Car, which is very nearly ready to
emerge from its chrysalis. Also in the chrysalis, known to its friends
as the shed, steam engine Kathryn was having some of its tubes pulled
and its parts ground. In the steam shed locomotive No3 was being
prepared for short holiday it is about to take up North.

The statistical department scratched its head and found we had operated
some 305685 passenger miles: pretty persistent if we only had one
passenger, but I expect we had a couple more.

All the best,

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Progress Report Sunday the 6th of January 2013

Dear all,

Quite a reasonable winter day, but rather foggy. In the fog, the Oil
Store was cleared out and re-organised, and assorted items were tidied
up from around the R&R garage, which has recently acquired a woodstore.
The guerilla gardeners were present for their first endeavours of the
new year and we look forward to prizewinning veg shortly.

In the yard the LMS brake van received a new coffee table, and slippers
have been ordered. Work proceeded apace on the BSK and this carriage now
has a complete set of windows on the west side as well as its bodyside
skirting again. The window interiors are now awaiting some woodwork, due
to arrive at any moment courtesy of Stanley's Railpart Stores and
General Household Emporium.

In the shed, railcar 55006 received its newly refitted destination blind
box, so it now knows where to go, as well as receiving aluminium trim in
the drivers cab.

The big news of the day, however, was that the class 119, railcar number
51073, (one of only three of this class to survive) had its vacuum
system reconstructed and consequently moved under its own power for the
first time in 20 years, much to the deep joy of the DMU team. Ollie also
fixed the horn: much to his deep joy. A modest celebration in response
to this feat of engineering will shortly be had at the Whore and Trumpet
(A Marston's House).

All the best,

saturday 5th January 2013

Saturday 5th January
On Derbyshires friendly railway a dry day brought the staff out in  force with nearly 60 members working on site 
 Iris floated up and down the line  with a some very happy and satisfied customers who also thronged the buffet
Our day with the driver was well satisfied and really enjoyed his trip round the yard hosted by Richard B
The dmu team hit a milestone in starting both engines on the 119 ( first time in 20 years )  and worked hard on the vacuum system
Mike completed the guttering on the bubble car interior
The 8f group was to be found hammering away splitting the mechanical stoker on Katherine
The steam group fitted  a new lubricator as well as many other tasks on No3 inc undercoating the new buffers
The lmsca where to be found repairing the windows and gutters on the BSK
The 31 was started up today by Tim as the 33 group were to be found with flat batteries so retired to survey the mess room interior
we also had staff on the first aid /  track safety courses all passing  as Anton ran our monthly induction for new volunteers
a busy day for all today with many tasks completed   well done to you all
ATB John Evans

Friday, 4 January 2013

Progress Thursday 3rd Jan 2013

A steady day regarding passenger numbers but a few souls graced us with their presence.

PWT made a start on the carriage siding extension removing old timbers and spoil.

Shottle builders took delivery of 11 tons of materials and 30 bags of cement also finding time to place some backing concrete behind the reconstructed wall.

DMU team were busy fitting a free wheel to the 119 unit and further work on the bubble car.

NR were out and about with our infrastructure manager inspecting the earthworks at callow park cutting after the severe wet weather.

VCT work was curtailed somewhat with the line occupied but still managed useful work at Hazelwood.

Christmas over with our thoughts on the forthcoming season and winter repairs to the Pway and drainage.


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Progress Wed 2nd Jan 2013

A dull drizzly day with the works train out and about.

1 wagon load of logs was collected for resale, the chippings for track packing relocated to an empty grampus at Shottle, sleepers loaded for carriage siding extension, evra shed located at Idridgehay loaded for transfer back to Wirksworth, portaloo ditto, some ditching work at mp 137 and 20 tons of spoil from Idridgehay cutting loaded to rudd for disposal elswhere. The oxy propane equipment was loaded for return to Wirksworth pending repairs to the flail next week which is sulking in a sorry state behind the weighbridge.

Platform builders at Shottle laid a goodly amount of the top course on the initial 80 foot of wall taken down for rebuild with a further 60 foot of copings removed in readiness for the rebuilding of the next section.

Rodney was busy collecting various items re santa trains and filling of mud holes in Duffield car park seemed to be the highlight of his day.

Any other work at Wirksworth I am in ignorance of as we didn't return till dark when others more sensibly had scurried off home.


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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Progress Tues 1st Jan 2013

A bright and sunny day brought out passengers to our railway in fair numbers with at times, buffet customers spilling out onto the platform.

Certainly worth opening the railway today with the chink of the tills swelling our coffers at this lean time.

Line inspection from the train revealed no damage from the recent floods.

An on foot patrol was also carried out from Duffield to Shottle by Tony Watt with the rest of the line to be inspected on foot tomorrow and Thursday.

More DMU stores were sorted by the DMU dept to good effect.

The LMSCA were also in attendance welding the bodywork and replacing windows in the BSK.

Dream steam team replaced all 4 buffers and installed another mechanical lubricator on No 3 with further work carried out on Cathryns' mechanical stoker.

The bubble car moved further towards completion with John Allsop painting the guards compartment.

Surveying work was also carried out on our maintenance facility to check the position of the tracks with a view to levelling and lining in advance of floor concreting.

30 volunteers on site today which isn't bad for new years day.