Sunday, 30 December 2012

Saturday the 29th of December

A  very wet day on  Derbyshires favourite friendly railway,  infact  it seemed the rain  would never stop to allow the  staff to get to grips with thier daily tasks

The Dmu team worked hard on the 119 assembling and cleaning the seats as well as remedial work in the guards area  and a mass sort out in the stores area

A Big congratulations must go to the 8f groupwho  had a magnificent day and achieved the removal of the mechanical stoker on Katherine

Bob was to be found painting Henry Ellison as  the other members of the steam group toiled away preparing and painting the base plates for the buffers on No 3

The LMSCA were to be found preparing the window frames and machining the metal ready for instalation on the BSK
Elsewhere John  A was to be found working hard on the bubble car  , Anton  looked after the booking office and some very wet visitors
whilst Tim was to be  found to working  inside the brake van

well its off  home for me and I hope you all have a very Happy New Year

ATB  John Evans