Saturday, 1 December 2012

Saturday 1st December 2012

Progress report Saturday 1st December 2012

After a cold and damp start Iris set off on her last day of service for 2012 and plodded down the line of  Derbyshires friendly railway  and for the passengers who braved the  cold  it proved an enjoyable day out with plenty of warm food and drink available in the Pullman buffet many thanks to Graham , Andrew  & Richard for crewing Iris on such a cold day..

Down the yard the Dmu team where busy working on the 119 or so they  said as the curtains on the dmu where installed  and tested then what sounded like snoring  came from within , whilst  young jack excelled himself with a brilliant repair job on the faulty engine part which allowed the engine to burst into life once again.

The steam team worked hard again trying to warm the bolts up under Katherine to allow them to further dismantle the mechanical stoker whilst Bob was seen to be  grinding & sanding  away on Henry.

On the Ravenstor section Stuart and jake cleared away the brash left after the felling of a tree south of Cromford Rd Bridge and the blocked culvert was also cleared to allow the water to flow away again .
Congratulations also go out to the four members of staff who completed the advanced site shunters course although the mind still boggles with some  of the answers offered ,  anybody got an aspirin as Ive suddenly got a headache .

As we close the doors for another day the temp has dropped and another jack has frozen our car windows and although we have gritted the car park  and station platforms the yard may become slippy so extra care should now be taken by all members of the staff now the winter has arrived upon the railway once more

Well its now off home for me  a nice cuppa and hot shower await.

ATB   John