Sunday, 16 December 2012

Saturday 15th Decemberfrom Santa

Saturday the 15th of December 2012

On a cold but sunny day staff  at Derbyhires favourite friendly railway geared   them selves for the seasonal  rush of children and their families eager to travel on the santa specials to the North Pole.
upon their return  it was lovely to see their smiling faces  whilst the adults were seen to be carrying the goody bags the children had recieved from Santa .
It was also nice that  many of these families praised the staff manning the trains for the proffesional way in which they were looked after them  , Well done to you all.

The Pullman buffet staff  also recieved  praise  for the warm food which it had to offer the passengers and vistors to our railway.

The Lmsca group braved the cold weather as they toiled away within the coaches before Derek and Dan  tried the  guessing game of which door will fit  into the doorway of  the coach

Down the yard the Dmu team worked hard Leigh and Brian could be heard stripping in the 119  as Ben and Rob  tinkered with  hammers  ( with alot  of ouches as they missed the target )  whilst  repairing the alternator.

The steam group where to be found hard at work on  Katherrine as  Bob was found to be rubbing down Henry (  ready  for his new coat of paint ) .

Late in the morning the brake was  seen sending out smoke signals from where the Hot chesternuts should have appeared   however it was late into the afternoon when Mr Oakes turned up with his warm nuts , which the staff  rapidly eat.

Im sure as we close the doors on another day the Malt Shovels warmth would be more enjoyable than  a trip  to the supermarket.

Seasonal greetings to you all and may your New Year be a happy one

ATB   John  Evans