Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Progress Wednesday 5th December 2012

Dear all
The real heroes of the day have been the team that have decorated the Santa train that has involved the LCC, husband of LCC, JHT and Val to create a new Santa Grotto as well as the three coaches that form this key part of the next three weekends. Their dedication is not without recognition! In parallel with this have been the exterior lights, tree decorations and many other parts that will make the Santa "experience" quite magical ably lead by Anton. All this activity has been conducted in sub zero temperatures that reduces the will to live.
The PWT set sail for Duffield and Shottle removing the signal formerly known as DY547 together with sand surplus to the construction of Duffield station and then loading "garden quality" and reusable sleepers. The signal post and sand is now at Shottle and the sleepers at Wirksworth.
During this exercise a tree which had been reported as restricting the flow of the River Ecclesbourne at Bridge DJW 8, just north of Postern Lodge, was moved with the aid of the Komatsu. However, the highlight of the day was the actions of our new, slightly more youthful than the rest of the team, member who rescued two sheep caught up in brambles. It turns out that he has some experience in farming!
The Booking Hall reported a new milestone with Online Santa bookings overtaking those taken online last year which bodes well for the final financial outcome of this year's adventure. The Pullman Buffet Car had a sticky start with no power being available but it did come to life after David's ministrations but we don't know really why, which is a little troubling.
A potential customer for derailment investigation training had a good introduction to our facilities and I am hopeful the end product will be income for the enterprise.