Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Progress Wednesday 19th December 2012

Dear all
As we approach the shortest day and begin to end dark mornings and afternoons the show goes on. The PWT moved to Shottle for further site clearance work and a  modest contribution to global warming. The SBT moved ever forward and I had hoped to bring you a photo of their progress but was pleasantly kept at base by a customer who has become regular with small additions to our revenue.
The LCC had hauled her family into the final preparations for the upcoming Santa weekend. They undertook a present audit to ensure everything was in place and then gave the Santa train a good clean. Another example of dedication, out of sight, that will ensure our final weekend will be successful.
The Pullman Buffet Car served our regulars from the town of Wirksworth and benefited from our customer who enjoyed the famous Pullman Bacon Sandwich.
The Booking Hall processed the tail end of our Santa bookings as we near capacity this weekend but is now looking forward to all the possibilities in 2013. An approach to a number of coach companies has produced its first firm booking.
The weather forecast is not brilliant for the last Santa weekend and we seek a modest supply of "golfing" umbrellas. If you have such an artefact please deliver to Wirksworth Booking Hall in time for this final thrust of 2012