Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Progress Wednesday 12th December 2012

Dear all
In the perma frost area of Derbyshire I never cease to be amazed at the dedication of our teams. The PWT undertook a whole line track patrol with no concernes reported and the much ignored SBT laid out blocks ready for next week as temperatures frustrated any attempt at mixing concrete. Yesterday they did manage some concreting of progress to date. The end product at Shottle will be another credit to their endeavour - maybe Hazelwood will be their next destination?
We entertained a very cold customer with three road/rail hydraulic platforms where things didn't go to well for them but proved the value of testing out of the limelight.
The Bubble Car enjoyed the attentions of John Allsop to the woodwork in the south cab and the start of new Formica panels to restore this part of the vehicle.

The Pullman Buffet Car was frozen up all day but benefited from our customer's need for sustinance. Santa bookings still challenge the Booking Hall and it was good to see a toe in the water addressed to potential coach tour operators.
Our wall repair men were in operation and a joinly funded task by the Company and EVRa to prevent the wall alongside the narrow gauge collapsing.
A photo today illustrating that when I say it is cold it really is no matter how attractive the picture looks.