Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Progress Tuesday 4th December 2012

Dear all
Another bumper Tuesday with the DST working on all three locomotives in their care. Henry Ellison began to receive a brick arch, Kathryn continued research work and No3 was shorn of its buffers in preparation to receive new improved ones which will damp some of the oscillation felt by our Ravenstor passengers.
The VCT resumed their attack on the area south of Idridgehay reporting two good fires and the LMSCA continued work on the Brake Third Open. The Mark 1 BSK also made progress with the south end Pullman Corridor Connection being attended to along with some other restoration tasks.
The PWT had less than ideal conditions to continue with the fishplate greasing task and achieved a remarkable 18 pairs as they head from Shottle to Duffield. The team also sorted the remaining sleepers at Shottle to release some for resale as "garden quality" which will be tripped back to Wirksworth tomorrow. The SBT have achieved a splendid 30 ft of first course of the new platform wall.
There was a great deal of dmu activity with the underframe of the "Bubble Car" painted and much head scratching following a fault on Santa's Grotto Car. This has resulted in a last minute substitution which has given the LCC the vapours. Nonetheless, she is rallying round for an lot of work to get the substitute vehicle into shape for the weekend.
The water heaters in the Ladies and Staff toilets have caused a lot of work for David but he has now resolved these irritating problems.
The Booking Hall, amongst many other things, has taken delivery of the Christmas trees for Wirksworth and Idridgehay requiring yet more energy to prepare them for Saturday. The Pullman Buffet Car received a pleasant amount of regular customers together with some of our own team making opening worth while.
PS - special thanks to the "volunteers" that felled the tree south of the Cromford Road bridge curing a niggling complaint from a neighbour that has been bubbling along for 18 months or so. These volunteers, who are competent tree fellers, comprised Richard from the Station Garage together with Phil and Mick Dalton, farmers of this Parish. Rewards have been dispensed at The Malt Shovel to everyone's satisfaction.