Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Progress Tuesday 18th December 2012

Dear all
A productive, as ever, working day where progress was made on a number of fronts. The VCT continued their attack on the vegetation south of Idridgehay and their unceasing work shows up when we have inclement weather and the trains keep running. The national network always has a catalogue of problems with fallen trees, washouts and communications problems that generally reflect the lack of management of the lineside over a number of years. We are not perfect but are really getting on top of our estate management. The team should rejoice as they tuck into their Christmas dinner on Thursday.
The PWT concentrated on Shottle with further lineside tidying up whilst admiring the SBT's work on Shottle station. The DST continued with renovation and maintenance of their stable of three locomotives and the LMSCA pushed on with the Brake Third Open and the Mark 1 BSK. The BSK enjoyed the fitting of a "new" door and the preparation of a second replacement. The BTO had another window cut out as the brake compartment is reconfigured.
The dmu team tended to the Santa train with a wash of its west side. The Pullman Buffet Car enjoyed a fairly quiet day but the Booking Hall dealt with the paperwork following last weekend, processed Santa bookings and began to turn their attentions to next year's group bookings. David tended to Gorsey Bank's level crossing lights and remedied a fault with the Buffet Car electrics. The Filing Fairy was in attendance as we pursue the ultimate goal of all competences being evidenced.
PS - Having participated again in last week's Santa operation I can only congratulate the team on both days for all their energy and dedication to create a happy and welcoming environment for our customers. The smoothness of the affair is doubly helped by the dmu maintenance team and the booking process that is properly assembled for the day to enable a smooth check in. We approach our final weekend with a further challenge that will be well met.