Thursday, 13 December 2012

Progress Thursday 13th December 2012

Dear all
Another subarctic day inhibiting all but the "easier" jobs. The dmu team made further progress with the "Bubble Car" and checked over the Santa set topping up the heater fuel. The Oaks Brakevan was shunted into Platform 3 where it will be a centre of excellence for roast chestnuts over the next two weekends.
The PWT were quite frustrated by the low temperatures but used the available time to consign some lineside debris at Shottle by attempting global warming.
The Booking Hall continued to process Santa bookings that are heading for a record on our Railway. The Pullman Buffet Car struggled with frozen pipes but traded to the intrepid.
There is change forecast for tomorrow so I suspect we will be dealing with the inevitable bust pipes as the next part of winter joy.
PS - Still quite delighted by the effects of the present weather conditions and, despite best efforts, the Railway didn't quite produce the right conditions so you have the effect of the frost on our gate for the lovers of moggies