Sunday, 30 December 2012

Progress Sunday the 30th December 2012

Dear all,

A leisurely day of gentle progress here today. The LMS brake van had new
parts made so that its stove doesn't jiggle around at 125 mph and
deposit Mr Oakes baked potatoes on the floor. A number of irritating
potholes were filled in station approach, although it was first
necessary to dry the holes using Mike Evan's hairdryer in order to get
the tarmac to stick. The DMU team undid some of their seating work of
yesterday in order to paint the seat frames a tasteful black as well as
varnish the north end of the second class compartment of the 119 with a
very small brush and only nine fingers. The DMU stores vehicle, now
known as Area 51(something to do with UFOs) underwent further sorting.
The embankment gardener addressed the assorted plant life and the
tree-felling next door neighbour of that fine piece of our estate. The
LMSCA carried on their merry way with the BSK, which continues to
receive door attention (it has, er, several doors) and the south end was
welded at the joint between the end bit and the roof bit, where the tin
mice had got in.

All the best,