Sunday, 23 December 2012

Progress Report Sunday the 23rd of December 2012

Dear all,

It falls to me to report on our final public operating day of 2012. We
did our best to spread some gentle happiness amongst our many small
guests as well as their more grown up helpers. Many thanks to our entire
Santa team for all their hard work and effort towards this purpose.

In the background repair work was undertaken on the Brake Van Lamp
Display; a fine blue lino floor was laid in the second class compartment
of the class 119; and the first replacement door was fitted to BSK 34625.

The site will close at lunchtime tomorrow and will re-open on Thursday
the 27th of December. The next public service will operate on New Year's
Day, starting with the 10.20 from Wirksworth, and running to the winter
timetable. There will be an additional operating day, again to the
winter timetable, on Thursday the 3rd of January.

Speaking now from Wirksworth, this very jewel set amongst the Peaks of
Derbyshire, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed in any
way to the forward progress of our railway during this year. May your
Christmas be joyous, may Santa empty his sack in your sock, and may
there be something intelligent on the telly for once.

A very Happy Christmas to you.
Anton Shone
Passenger Services Manager
Ecclesbourne Valley Railway