Friday, 28 December 2012

Progress Report Friday the 28th of December 2012

Dear all,

A day of intermittent moisture here in Wirksworth. Following yesterday's
successful charter for the clan Higham, we settled back into the regular
routine of small group work for the duration. Early on the scene was the
Winkleigh One, come to grant us the knowledge of drains, catch pits,
rodding, and digging out which is such an essential part of the
day-to-day effort of keeping the formation intact and free of water, so
that we don't suffer from trains falling over (particularly trains from
Peak Forest).

Down the yard intermittent banging indicated progress on the BSK doors
and other parts; the class 31 received routine maintenance; railcar
55006 had the interiors of the cab doors painted, and the DMU team went
over some newly unpacked seats for the second class compartment of the
119 with the Vax to reveal all their blue check glory. We look forward
to settling in to them.

All the best,