Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Progress Wednesday 7th November 2012

Dear all
The main activity today was the PWT travelling to Duffield to recover surplus sand left over from the reconstruction of the station that will now be used for the Shottle platform project. The team then filled two wagons with logs for sale, one at Shottle and one at Wirksworth. Many fishplate bolts were inserted into the Shottle loop line and the Shottle Mess Hut was moved close to site and the S&T van put into the platform line as a working base. Temporarily this has closed the Railway at Shottle pending diversion through the loop that will be accomplished tomorrow all being well.
Amey, under contract from Network Rail, attended Wirksworth today to commence examination of retaining walls and the Head of Gardening was in action barrowing debris from the garden to a burning site.
The Filing Fairy made further progress with our record system that will soon be the envy of any heritage railway in the UK. The Bubble Car received further attention from John Allsop who was very bullish about its completion date. A photo supplied by Leigh shows how much the vehicle has progressed.
The Pullman Buffet Car traded quite well and the Booking Hall processed a very heartening number of online Santa bookings.
Another good day.