Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Progress Tuesday 20th November 2012

Dear all
A few folk on site today, well over 50 folk making it quite difficult to keep track of all the goings on. Nonetheless I will try.
The dmu team continued their attack on the Class 119 and things beneath its sole bar whilst the DST continued with their dismantling and assessment of Kathryn.
The PWT departed for the south and greased some seven rail joints reporting a particularly difficult day requiring our whole supply of refurbished bolts. They are tackling the alternate joints which seem to have been untouched for around 40 or 50 years demonstrating the value of this tedious exercise. The Watt Bolt Company has been in production for two days in order to try and keep up with demands. The Shottle reconstruction team have made further progress on this lengthy project and will journey to Hazelwood tomorrow to obtain timber for shuttering to allow casting of a smooth base for the reconstructed wall.
The LMSCA are quite proud of a new glazing technique for the new windows to be fitted to the BTO as the large guards area is reduced to create room for wheelchair bound passengers. We welcomed back Dan Smith who is going to mastermind the return to traffic of the BR Mark 1 BSK.
I am most grateful to the recovery team that descended on Bletchley Park last weekend following the generous donation of signalling equipment from the model railway club that is being evicted from the site. The prize was a four lever ground frame with various shunt signal discs and a signal post with associated semaphore signals. Many other components and products for the EVRA shop were also gained.
The Booking Hall received a further flurry of Santa bookings and delivery of a new leaflet that encourages us all to think of the Railway in our will.
The Pullman Buffet Car looked after the inner needs of a volunteer teams.
A drizzly and productive day.