Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Progress Tuesday 13th November 2012

Dear all
A most active day in what many perceive as the closed season. I am most grateful to the VCT who arrived at Wirksworth mob handed to clear vegetation from structures advised by Amec acting on behalf of Network Rail. Their products resulted in two splendid fires to burn the brash of these activities and it was noted that Bob Swepstone was amongst them getting down and dirty.
The PWT continued the essential work of fishplate greasing between Shottle and Duffield achieving a remarkable 34 pairs. The Komatsu was used to grade and tidy up the "car park" area at Shottle following the departure of the Mess Hut to its new location. John and Chris have taken down around 30ft of the platform wall as the project to rebuild commences.
The DST concentrated their efforts on Henry Ellison and the LMSCA prepared the Third Open for its move to the Maintenance Facility and manufactured the framework for a new window in the Brake Third Open.
The Filing Fairy made further strides with our record keeping, David replaced the water heater in Wirksworth's ladies toilet and Fred & Iris gave the Mess Hall a good clean. All activities that go without notice but so essential to our enterprise.
Equally, in the south there was a deal of activity to provide a new door stop for the ladies toilet, collection of leaves and weeding. The dmu team were most productive with John Allsop cutting and preparing seven stepboards for rotten ones on the Bubble Car and were fitted today. Panelling was fitted to the Class 119 as this vehicle strides forward to star in an event in 2013.
The Pullman Buffet Car had a steady and satisfactory trade with the Booking Hall dealing the usual range of visitors and phone calls.
After a very fallow time I have dealt with three test enquiries today which brings a warm glow and entertained a location manager that may yet yield some joy.