Thursday, 29 November 2012

Progress Thursday 29th November 2012

Dear all,
Firstly, a terrible omission from yesterday's report that kept me awake all last night except from a brief period between 2200 and 0700. The LCC, together with husband of LCC, prepared Santa's Grotto which involved quite ingenious solutions to preserving the integrity of what, after all, is an heritage vehicle. June has done a splendid job and should be congratulated on her hard work.
Today, the PWT concentrated on Shottle and continued preparing for the reconfiguration of the south end of the loop that will eliminate severe speed restrictions as the train journeys into it. The VCT renewed their endeavours south of Shottle and were probably the only warm people on site with three large fires to consume the brash.
Work continued within the "Bubble Car" as panelling out of the Guards compartment progressed. The rest of the dmu team resolved a fuel pipe problem on Iris and fuelled it for its last service day for a little while. A fuel leak on L J Breeze was also investigated and declared acceptable for a few more outings. In the south further improvements were made to the staff car park at Duffield with the aid of locomotive ash moved to site. I am also grateful to Mike Evans and John Allsop who have had an opportunity to clear the gutters of the Royal Saloon now it is undercover which will allow further sealant to be applied to prevent water ingress.
The Pullman Buffet Car traded steadily and the Booking Hall bottomed the recent Santa bookings for despatch to our customers. The round up this week revealed that we are 13% up on this time last year and that online reservations represent 75% of the total.
Today's photo demonstrates the size of vehicle that supports some of our test customers.