Thursday, 15 November 2012

Progress Thursday 15th November 2012

Dear all
A lengthy report tonight as a massive amount of activity was achieved today. A splendid team arrived to deal with the preparation for three significant projects that involved a great deal of delicate shunting. Faraday was returned to the Museum line as its restoration to productive use is beyond us at the moment. The chassis of The Duke and the wagon containing its water tank were also placed on the Museum siding so that serious work to return the locomotive to steam can commence. The LMSCA Stanier Third Open was journeyed to the Maintenance Facility to enable a contractor to commence remedying the fire damage and move the coach along to returning to the operational fleet. The Mark 1 BSK moved to the Carriage Siding to enable a strategy to fast track this vehicle into service be implemented. I am most grateful to all involved with these positioning moves that set the scene for restorations in the immediate future.
The VCT spent their day just below Cromford Road bridge to cleanse the retaining wall on the UP side of its remaining vegetation with honorary member Swepstone. A very large fire dealt with the brash and sundry products from this exercise and am pleased to report that this concludes satisfaction of the requests by Network Rail and Amec.
The PWT were engaged at Shottle placing all surplus rail onto the Sturgeon and recovering pointwork deposited in the grass at the south end of the loop. The platform area was surveyed and levels taken to deal with its raising by some 8 inches. The temporary access furniture was removed as this will not be needed when the station reopens.
John applied the final gloss to the "Bubble Car" together with completing the yellow warning panels leaving lining and lettering being the only tasks left to complete on this marvellous restoration. The Filing Fairy returned to the "Forth Bridge" of getting all our records up to date and she really deserves out unquestioning support given that there are over 200 of us on the books at the moment.
John Allsop also applied sealant to the Royal Saloon's roof to try and stem water ingress and the dmu team gave the 2 Car set an exterior wash.
In amongst all the activity was entertained our small customer who reported a satisfactory day.
The Booking Hall was in revenue raising mode as tow of next year's customers used the over the phone credit card opportunity and finalised this weeks Santa statistics. We are now 13% ahead of where we were this time last year with 76% of the bookings being through the Online shop.
The Pullman Buffet Car had a satisfactory day with the pleasant weather bringing out the passing trade and our volunteers eating with some vigour.
Not bad for a November Thursday.