Sunday, 4 November 2012

Progress Report Sunday the 4th of November 2012

Dear all,

A rather chilly but largely dry day here in the wonderment of the Peak
District. Although there were no timetabled trains today, we
nevertheless operated a charter to pick up a happy band of walkers from
Duffield, who had been on the 3 Railways Walk. This brought a rather
pleasant week to a close, as we had been quite busy due to the half term.

The DMU team carried on with their stores effort and with the painting
of the ceiling of the class 119 second class compartment, which is now
looking suitably resplendent. A convocation was held about curtain
fabric and our interior decoration team has come to a suitable
conclusion about the shade of red necessary to match the carpet.

The Duty Conscript, the one named after a famous lift manufacturer,
possibly by parents living in Norfolk, to which anything involving
height must have been an aspiration, carried on with the painting of our
many fences.

Down the yard, the LMS Brake Van proceeded on its merry way and now it
has internal seating for a small multitude: the possibility of its use
towards our Christmas event was contemplated and with a suitable supply
of chestnuts and a rather hot woodstove, Santa may have roast nuts this

All the best,