Sunday, 25 November 2012

Progress Report Sunday 25th November 2012

After a very damp start the friendly railway in Wirksworth got down to doing what it does best and looked after a steady stream of visitors many who sampled the the fine delights of the Pullman Buffet which included  a Christmas themed Sunday lunch.

Down the yard the DMU group worked hard to restore the 119 to pristine working  condition.The Lmsca  where like busy little bees on a hot day replenishing the windows on the bak coach. The duty conscript and his minders toiled hard not only cleaning the inside of the 3 car unit but going around the car park and  paths on a general clean up.

Rodney surfaced above the water around Wirksworth to collect waste ash for improving the the car park at Duffield, whilst Down in the training room the guards huddled together around the cauldron to discuss and prepare a mutual remedy for next years running of trains.

I'm sure they will all now be sat  with their feet up and reflecting on a job well done.

ATB   John

(John Evans via Tom Tait)