Sunday, 18 November 2012

Progress Report Sunday the 18th of November 2012

Dear all,

Another shiny Sunday in Wirksworth, or it was once the frost had gone.
The sunshine brought a few hardy visitors out to look around, but most
activity was general upkeep or further restoration.

In general upkeep, the Duty Conscript tidied the car park of a large
amount of brash which had mysteriously fallen off the car park wall and
also despatched the remains of the Ravenstor footgate, which was
suffering from rot and the gnats. Down in the stores, the sound of
hammers being dropped accompanied by some grunting indicated that the
new stores racking (three "Derbyshire Quality" racks for 99p) was being

On the restoration front, the sound of Abba floated around the yard as
the LMS brake van received interior caulking and painting. The class 119
received more trim to the second class compartment, and underneath our
chilly engineers fitted the fuel pipes, the oil filler and the throttle
cable apparently using the Wolverhampton Crimpers. We look forward the
being able to pull the throttle cable to start the engine, and I am
reliably informed by several knowledgeable journalists that you do this
in the same way as you start your mower, only that with a DMU throttle
cable you have to fix it to the back bumper of a blue Clio and drive off
quickly. As, in my experience, it is impossible to drive off quickly in
a blue Clio, this is unlikely to be the correct explanation of how a DMU
throttle cable works.

All the best,