Saturday, 10 November 2012

Progress Report Saturday 10th November 2012

Dear All,

Today's sunny weather had a positive impact upon visitor numbers with all our scheduled services enjoying good passenger numbers. At Wirksworth station we played host to a group of media and film students from Chesterfield College who were making a short film as part of their course work with Iris starring in a supporting role.

Down the yard the LMSCA were in attendance lubricating corridor joints in 27001. The DMU restoration team split into two groups with one concentrating on preparation work in readiness for the panels being fitted under the standard class windows of the class 119. The other group focussed their attention on washing the exterior of the 3 car set ready for its trips to the north pole. At Ravenstor station a number of volunteers spent the day clearing the station path towards the stone centre of excess vegetation as well as level its surface. Finally, at Duffield station the garden received a general tidy up.

A very busy day.

All the best,