Monday, 5 November 2012

Progress Monday 5th November 2012

Dear all
A sunny, crisp day as we welcomed three participants on our penultimate Drive a Diesel Day of 2012 very ably hosted by John Allsop and Richard Buckby with John Evans helping with the afternoon session. Catering had to be spot on as John, Angela's husband was one of today's clients. The day included shunting the S&T van to the Car Park to aid this week's permanent way activities.
The Tony Watt, the fishplate bolt refurbisher, was in business retapping the fishplate bolt nuts declaring that he was saving me money by each nut dealt with and, indeed, he was!
The Booking Hall welcomed our visitors and the Pullman Buffet Car had a bit of a thin day overall except for the Drive a Diesel people.
PS - after the modest success of our first advertised Sunday Lunch offering we will try the rest of November and place it on line. The team will be encouraged by your support that may lead to us being confident that the product will work through the Santa train programme.
PPS - I receive, on our behalf, notices of criminal activity in the Wirksworth area and there is a noticeable rise in thefts and break-ins. Please ensure everyone does all possible to secure the site by keeping our three main gates closed and locked when the last man leaves.