Friday, 30 November 2012

Progress Friday 30th November 2012

Dear all
Another month comes to an end with quite a delightful group enjoying a Drive a Diesel Day. This, again, was most ably hosted by Lewis, Richard and John which concluded our driver experiences of 2012. The programme of steam and diesel experience days yields most useful revenue but the skills and welcome extended by the members of our team who participate also has an immense public relations effect on people that would have not otherwise known of our existence. Today's lead customer was returning for a second experience having enjoyed the first one so much and he said he had set the alarm for 0455 to travel up from Clapham - now there's proof that we are getting something right.
Further work on the Guards compartment of the Bubble Car was in progress together with polishing of the exterior furniture of the vehicle. It was also good to see Dan and Derek putting in an extra day to move the Mark 1 BSK project forward.
Anton returned after a well earned break to get up to date with the doings in the Booking Hall as we await the arrival of Santa and the Pullman Buffet Car welcomed regulars and provided lunch for our experience customers.
It has been pleasant, sunny and very cold through the day. The weather looks set to challenge us in the coming weeks.