Thursday, 8 November 2012

Progress 8th November 2012

Dear all
Today was the 12th Anniversary of the start of work to renovate the Duffield to Wirksworth branch line. The emotional effect of this date is lost on the majority of the present volunteer team that has grown from an initial eight to over 200 in the intervening period. As you look around today it is difficult to imagine what has been achieved in quite a short time and it is with some pride that I can announce that we have opened a new section of our Railway.
The Shottle deviation, or bypass, is now installed to enable the platform to be reconstructed with the full, and financial, support of our neighbours at Peak Oil. This Company were always doubtful in the early days about our intentions but are now very much behind the actions we propose there. EVRA have stepped up to ensure the surfacing will mach the quality achieved at Idridgehay.
Saturday see the first use of the Shottle deviation which will allow transit over a brand new section of track never, ever, experienced by any mortal!
The VCT were working a little south of Idridgehay, near the site of Colin Blowers memorial site, and reported four roaring fires in addition to an earlier one south of Shottle. The PWT can glow in their achievement with the Shottle loop that looks as though it has been there for ever. A most satisfactory session with Peak Oil, the owner of the station building and surrounding area, has resulted in a clear plan for the future with that Company supporting the project financially.
The dmu maintenance team concentrated on Santa's three car set to deal with a problem alternator. The Bubble Car moves ever forward with the first gloss being applied to the Up, East, side of the vehicle.
Down at Duffield leaf gathering has been the order of the day,
Today's photo is of the new secure transport for volunteers so that they can't escape before the job in hand.
This is not an April fools joke but the PWT are seeking a redundant bath in order to blend the fishplate grease that tend to separate in time. I have suggested that there would be a photo opportunity as they resemble the grape harvest aiming for Wirksworth's first bottling.