Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Progress Wednesday 26th September 2012

Dear all
I know it's getting boring but the weather today was truly dreadful with unremitting rain until about 1600 when it brightened up for a minute or two.
The very brave and adventurous PWT set off for the south to dispose of sleepers beyond reuse and managed to clear around fifty of these to rot in peace. They also managed to achieve two loads of logs for sale and have cleansed the area south of Hazelwood which also has the effect of leaving less ammunition for those who might consider it fun to put them on the line.
The LCC tackled the 2 Car service unit before resuming her quest for suitable presents for our Santa train participants. The Filing Fairy made very solid progress with our records which are becoming the gold standard for the heritage railway movement. Further steady progress was made with the Pullman Second Open lighting and heating project.
Amazingly the Pullman Buffet Car welcomed a reasonable number of visitors and the Booking Hall pursued creative marketing ideas.
The progress with 55006 is shown with another burst of painting promised tomorrow.
PS - JHT was wrongly credited with working in the rain yesterday - it should have been Doug Futter who got the applause!