Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Progress Wednesday 19th September 2012

Dear all
A fairly gentle autumnal day of sunshine and showers. There was a warm glow of satisfaction within the DST who were most pleased that Henry Ellison was passed as fit by the boiler inspector. Two steam locos restored to life in our less than pristine workshop conditions is a magnificent achievement and Bob reminded me today that a great deal of behind the scenes went on because most of the vital castings were stolen and copies had to be made which was an expensive and time consuming process. It is a credit to Craft enterprises that one way or another the funds were found for these tasks.
The PWT continued fettling the area relaid by the Birmingham students recovering our very last reusable sleepers from the Ken Rowlands area. A very early text message announced that Watt Track Patrols were in action at the crack of dawn. Now there's dedication.
The LCC had a most productive day tending to the 2 Car set, Iris, the Training Room that for some reason had a deposit of charcoal and further deep cleaning of my abode. I did remind her that this made up for the one day's holiday she had taken this year which didn't seem to be appreciated.
Work continued in the Pullman Second Open to provide heat and light during the winter and further inroads to the Bubble Car renovation were made. Cut vegetation was moved from Duffield to Hazelwood for the VCT to burn.
The Booking Hall and Pullman Buffet Car welcomed a few visitors and with the benefit of Robins work the Railway Guide is available on line in a more obvious way - just have a look at the online ticket sales section of our web site.
Lastly, I couldn't resist a holiday picture as I witnessed one of the very few steam excursions to operate in Italy, a return excursion from Paratico Sarnico to Milano departing from Bergamo on Sunday 9th September. Picture taken by Beverley as I failed fiddling with the video camera!