Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Progress Tuesday 4th September 2012

Dear all
A delightful day with the sun warming us as visitors descended on our Railway. There was a feeling of relief as the children were back at school and we adults can go out and about without distraction.
Our service was operated in its entirety by Iris and relief clerk Shone started his day at Duffield to capture the early travellers returning to base after the initial rush. The Pullman Buffet Car had a most successful day with our passengers and an ever growing band of users that want to relax in its pleasant atmosphere. The EVRA shop also had a very good day and we welcomed a long distance enthusiast from Barnstable who was "doing" the transport delights of Derbyshire.
My thanks go to David N who fitted a door within the Pullman Second Open to keep our stocks secure and Fred & Iris who restored the Mess Hall to some semblance of normality.
The LMSCA began to tackle the adaptation of the large guards compartment in the BTO to a smaller guards area and a greater passenger portion suitable for the less able. This involves replacing small windows with "normal" sized ones. The Filing Fairy journeyed from Long Eaton by public transport enjoying the easy interchange at Duffield and made much use of her time with us to continue the "Forth Bridge" of record updating.
The DST made further inroads to Henry Ellison's reassembly reporting that the whistle is now fitted with its associated pipework together with an number of "snagging" tasks. No3 was treated to gland replacement for the regulator and steam brake together with a good clean. The dmu team were very pleased that all their efforts with 51360 that included the replacement of an engine proved to be successful. This work is not done in a clinical workshop but outside in indifferent conditions so deserves a lot of credit to return one of our stalwarts to service.
The Booking Hall at Wirksworth sold with vigour including our splendid new guide book which is flying off the shelves. This will soon be available on line!
PS - We seem to have a hi-viz crisis as our cupboards are bare. If any of you have hi-viz vests doing nothing we would be delighted to receive them.
PPS - Patrick McCloughlin, our MP, has landed the job of Transport Secretary. His last journey with us was with Faraday and a Brakevan some 10 years ago and I have invited him to return for a more salubrious journey.