Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Progress Tuesday 25th September 2012

Dear all
A dank, dismal and very wet day marked our final Tuesday service of the season. I am very grateful to the train crew and particularly to Rodney who undertook the task of third man who became totally soaked by the end of the day. Our support of the two Booking Halls, the Pullman Buffet Car and the EVRA Shop tried their best to extract a little revenue with limited success I'm afraid.
The PWT in the shape of AW, HH and JHT patrolled the whole line in less than clement conditions but the DST were undercover as they flattened down Henry Ellison for repainting. Mike Evans and John Allsop made impressive strides with the Bubble Car undercoating both the roof and two thirds of the west side. A lone LMSCA worker tested a process for cleaning the floor of the Third Open with some success and also applied more emulsion paint to negate the fire damage smells. This labour of love will pay dividends over the next six months as we earnestly wish this coach to return to our operational fleet.
There was much work in atrocious conditions to assemble the rolling stock for the weekend and we learnt today that Tom Tait had been taken to hospital with suspected pneumonia. Needless to say we all wish him well for a very speedy recovery.
PS - I can't resist a feeling of parental pride as my son has been appointed Head of Marketing Communications for the Ordnance Survey. I've always wanted a full set of the 1" to the Mile, or its metric equivalent, and it seems within touching distance! I am clearing the necessary shelf space.