Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Progress Tuesday 18th September 2012

Dear all
The momentous event today reflected immense credit on the DST as Henry Ellison became a complete steam engine again and moved under its own power for the first time in 42 years. There are many unsung heroes in this magnificent achievement made possible by sheer determination without benefit of drawings or a spares manual! Our picture today shows the proud team and they await the final verdict of the boiler inspector tomorrow. The DST also gave No3 some routine maintenance for its further work on Friday.
Meanwhile we had another quite successful Tuesday with services carrying creditable loads and Bachmann being amongst us to record our dmu fleet in action so the sounds of EVR will resound around the world of those who host dmus on their model railway.
The LMSCA made further solid progress with the new window sizes in the brake compartment for the BTO and successfully produced a prototype steam heat pipe for the coach.
Mike Evans worked quietly to progress the "Bubble Car" with the new north end cab roof put into position. This vehicle is going to be another star of our collection in the not too distant future.
Fred & Iris were welcomed again as they deep cleaned the Mess Hall which looks a treat again. I enjoyed a catch up after a week away in the deep cleaned office courtesy of the LCC last week which was much appreciated.
The Buyagift products still are producing very good results for us with the first two bookings taken today for 2013. The Booking Halls and Pullman Buffet Car greeted our many visitors today to good financial effect.