Thursday, 6 September 2012

Progress Thursday 6th September 2012

Dear all
A lovely day with the sun beating down to lift all our hearts. John Allsop turned up early to apply some Pullman Umber to the Buffet Car doors that open onto the Ravenstor line for ventilation when the climate permits, which you have to say is not often, and had been missed in the initial interior refurbishment.
The VCT were not able to travel to site because of our other activities today but managed to clear some 30 yards on the Up side and 10 yards on the Down side just south of the Hazelwood pig farm achieving one large fire.
The PWT loaded a Dogfish with ballast in preparation for the work to be untaken by the Birmingham University students the weekend after next and then went on to tend to matters in Wirksworth Yard. I also managed to catch up with their unreported progress this week which included a full service and routine maintenance of our ground frame installations at Shottle and Duffield. Yesterday saw much progress with the Shottle loop project where 12 pairs of fishplates were greased, the replacement switch blade to delivered to site at the south end of the loop and fettling and levelling of loop line and through the station on the "main" line.
There was much dmu maintenance, fuelling and general preparation for the forthcoming Festival Weekend. Catering supplies were also unloaded in some bulk for the Weekend.
We hosted two charters to "sweat our assets" today. The first being a Ravenstor trip followed by a return to Duffield for a 40th birthday where champagne was broken out from a cold box on the Duffield to Wirksworth leg. There then followed a coach group from Essex that had been on tour in the area for a week who thoroughly enjoyed their time with us. We also managed to pick up a few other visitors for these journeys to our financial benefit.
As a result of this passenger activity the Booking Hall and Pullman Buffet Car had a successful day resulting the night safe being visited at the close of play. My thanks go to all concerned including the train crew of Lewis, Richard B and John Tedstone who worked their magic on our visitors.
My thanks also go to Robin who has put our new Guide onto the web shop - look in the ticket area! Also, a new product is available in the Pullman Buffet Car - a Loyalty Card - just call in a pick one up - you know it makes sense.