Thursday, 27 September 2012

Progress Thursday 27th September 2012

Dear all
Amazingly it has been a fairly warm and sunny day lifting the spirits as we welcomed back one of our experience customers previously disappointed by a sudden failure of No3 a couple of weeks ago. Today restored our credibility and the participant and his wife were well looked after by Dave Williams, Hylton and John Evans. 
The Bubble Car makes swift progress with Mike and John Allsop with the roof completed and much activity with the green bodywork.
The PWT completed the boxing up of the Road 2 relay commenced by the students at the weekend and the end product looks very good reflecting great credit on our team.
The VCT have had quite an exciting day with lively debates with our neighbour near MP 1343/4 following a substantial breach of the fencing. The day ended more amicably and the holes have been dealt with. They were also warmed by a two fire day. Most of our neighbours are very appreciative of the VCT's work and it is to hoped that this farmer has reflected on his approach to life.
There was continued progress with the maintenance of the dmu fleet and assembly of the weekend trains plus Monday's charters.
The Booking Hall and Pullman Buffet Car benefited from the more clement conditions.
Having failed with the Bubble Car photo I attach a pic of today's steam experience in action - some ten years ago this scene would have been beyond our wildest dreams