Thursday, 20 September 2012

Progress Thursday 20th September 2012

Dear all
Much activity today as, with untold generosity, 16 tonnes of chippings were purchased for the PWT which I'm assured will be used sparingly and wisely. The team spent the day completing the relay work started with the Birmingham University students and I attach a photo of stone being dropped in this area. I am sure this part of our empire has not been renewed for 80 or 90 years and I am sure the work achieved will last as long. (Included in the photo is our dedicated web site composer and rota manager)
There was further progress with the Bubble Car and much washing, fuelling and tending to our operational fleet through the day. Graham and Doug wrestled with the alternator on LJB which proved to be in good order but charging of the battery remained a problem. I hope their ministrations reached a successful conclusion. David N continued his Forth Bridge work to ensure the Pullman Second Open has light and heat through the winter. Doug also continued with his task of oiling axle boxes and brake rigging of our various freight vehicles, quite a vital task if the occasional movement of these pieces of equipment are not to cause problems.
The VCT worked some 150 yards south of Jebbs Lane bridge reported two huge fires despite there only being a four man team.
The Pullman Buffet Car and Booking Hall had a steady footfall and there was further work done to select products for our online shop. We hope to put a few selected items that may be tempting stocking fillers for the Christmas period!