Friday, 14 September 2012

Progress Thursday the 13th of September

A fine day at Wirksworth today with PWT completing the drainage work in the North yard. Seized fish bolts were also cut out in preparation for this weekends relay.A new check rail was manufactured and fitted to the turnout on the incline owing to excessive wear allowing vehicle wheels to hit the xing nose. All the unsuitable material left for lighting up steam locos was removed beyond cemetery lane bridge for disposal. A note here, we only require real timber for lighting up locos such as pallets, old timber window frames, floor boards, skirting boards etc. Please no sheet material such as plywood, chipboard, hardboard, partical board and the like as these  are useless and cause us time and effort to dispose of. Please take them to your nearest tip not to us. Thanks.

Neil hosted one of our shareholders from America today running a train for him to Duffield which resulted in our coffers expanding somewhat and Neil may like to expand on the days outing.

VCT again in action at Hazelwood with the down side of the first straight South of the Station now cleared to the ground - about 1/2 mile.

Mike Evans was in attendance putting more effort into the bubble car roof with the rest of the DMU group spending the rest of the afternoon  fueling and shunting the stock for this weekends operation inti position to avoid conflict with the pending relaying work in the North yard.