Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Progress Report Tuesday the 11th of September 2012

Dear all,

A delightful day of pootling around our cheerful little railway. We had
the most successful Tuesday of any this year, with no less than three
groups visiting us, as well as passengers from a wide range of places on
the National Network. Around the station repair work and tidying up took
place along the Dust Dock fence and also in the weighbridge, together
with some much needed cleaning after the weekend's merriment, plus
changing of DMU seat cushions and antimaccassars to keep the interior of
our operational units looking presentable.

Down the yard the LMSCA had nearly finished the north end structure of
their Brake Third Open, and were in the process of making a larger
window reveal to add an additional seating bay. The DMU team succeeded
in identifying and rectifying a fault with the gear box of Iris, and she
now moves with considerable agility, given that both engines are in

The steam team tended to the needs of No 3, which is operational and
ready for traffic, and also moved Henry Ellison from its long resident
place in the shed to the Museum Siding, where it will be made ready for
its trial steaming shortly, a work of considerable endeavour and a
credit to all concerned.

This evening the Marketing Department descended from the heady heights
of the 45th floor of Wyvern Towers (the one with the sauna, jacuzzi and
the weekly toga party) to make a presentation to the fourth group of the
day and to despatch them by the miracle of the 150 brake horse power
diesel engine to Shottle, to enjoy the delights of the Railway Inn and
to return from thence in the late evening, watching the sun set over the

All the best,