Sunday, 30 September 2012

Progress Report Sunday the 30th of September 2012

Dear all,

A modest day of seasonal weather here in the far flung Peak. Our Diesel
Weekend attracted people from all over the country once again, proved by
the Marketing Department, which had dragged itself out of the 45th floor
hot tub today to do some market research, before returning to the 45th
floor to collate the results and whip the servants this evening. For the
rest of us, the day passed pleasantly, and we pottered around down the
valley and thundered slowly up the hill, picking up passengers and
surprising random sheep at footpath five.

Unlike last week, whose main theme had been wood, this week the main
theme down the yard was paint. The Duty Conscript, assisted by the Under
Duty Conscript, carried on painting the station fence and primed a
selection of new scotches. The LMS brake van received paint to its
interior, as indeed did the brake compartment of railcar M55006 to its
ceiling, as well as primer to its north end front. Other parts of the
DMU team carried on the mammoth task of tidying the stores and
discovering things we never suspected we had, or at least never
suspected we had half a dozen of them.

Thanks to all concerned for this weekend's efforts.

All the best,