Sunday, 2 September 2012

Progress Report Sunday the 2nd of September 2012

Dear all,

Well, a very wonderful, peaceful day here in the centre of the known
universe (Peak District Division). The weather was pleasant to a high
degree and we pottered around running trains, fixing things, generating
happiness and being exceptionally complimented on the loveliness of our
Railway by our passengers. The till couldn't quite be heard ringing in
the parlour of the Malt Shovel, but it tinkled merrily as far as the
Alport turn-off: quite a creditable outcome for a routine Sunday.

At the south end of the line, the weed infestation was being addressed
with particular zeal by the Station Foreman at Duffield, and his
compatriot at Wirksworth was addressing a broken bench with equal
dedication. In the yard at Wirksworth a loud buzzing noise indicated the
application of the power chisel to the interior rust and flaking paint
of the second class compartment of railcar W51073 (the 119), and outside
on the shed road, our top quality fitters were running up the
reconditioned engine which had been put into the class 117 power car.

The class 31 received interior cleaning and the smell of Pine Fresh
wafted over the down sidings. The LMS brake van, oft quoted in these
annals on a Sunday, is now receiving its gloss top coat and should
probably win an award for its exhaustive and careful restoration.

For those of you interested in a little one-off excitement, the Oaks
Foraging Team will be returning (with due permissions) to Denby on
Saturday the 8th of September for the recovery of concrete crank benches
and the remaining rodding stools. Assembly is 9 am at Wirksworth and 10
am at Denby.

All the best,