Sunday, 23 September 2012

Progress Report Sunday the 23rd of September 2012

Dear all,

Well, a rather cold and ultimately wet day conspired to keep us on the
quiet side, but we pottered around happily with passengers coming and
going as far afield as West London and Aberystwyth. While the weather
remained dry some gardening took place and a start was made by the Duty
Conscript on painting the station frontage fence. This theme continued
with repairs to the platform 1 south end fence and with a generous
donation of wood and planking, which has rendered our wood store
resplendent, resplendent I say, in useful material,. No doubt this will
bring considerable joy to the heart of the Station Foreman, who does
like a nice bit of wood.

Down the yard, Electric Train Heating work proceed on the Royal Saloon
and we look forward to the many warm parts this will bring in the chilly
British winter. The DMU team, a team of two halves, worked respectively
on the panelling of the Bubble Car guards van, and on sorting the
stores. Indeed six man-days of work now enable us to enter the first
foot or so of the stores and we look forward to being able to get
further in as sorting progresses. Stores also formed a curious part of
the activity of the class 20 group who were collecting some things left
behind when the locomotive moved to Washwood Heath for its engine
change, including a horn cover which fell off outside the Wirksworth
Sweetie Shop.

Finally, after finding that the Booking Hall hoover was failing to
perform, an intensive and wide-ranging investigation with a large
screwdriver found the suction pipe to be blocked by a piece of coal the
size of a golf ball. Will staff please note that the hoover is intended
for the Booking Hall carpet and is not intended to suck large items off
the footplate.

All the best,