Sunday, 16 September 2012

Progress Report Sunday the 16th of September 2012

Dear all,

A day of middling weather, sometimes warm and sometimes cold, but at
least dry. The passenger service poddled up and down it in usual quiet
way, with the highlights being a returning group of students to
Birmingham University, of which more in a moment, and a party of
ramblers to Duffield.

The students, known to their friends as the Pan Pacific P-way Gang, have
been relaying part of the north end of the yard near Cemetery Lane
Bridge, as a training exercise, and in so far as this part of the yard
has hardly been touched in our stewardship, it has been most rewarding
for all concerned.

Around the rest of the yard the main emphasis of the day seemed to be
tidying up. The Duty Conscript set to with a shovel and a wheelbarrow
and cleared the Dust Dock of a huge amount of weeds and tat which had
accumulated, and the Dock is now back to its fairly presentable self,
after some miscellaneous fence repairs, and the removal of oddly
accumulated rubbish by a passing resident of Sutton on the Hill.

The DMU team were also very busy tidying things up, but stopped
occasionally to engage in the national Jaffa Cake eating contest, which
today was held in our Mess Room. The winner appears to be Jack Marshall
who said he would like to be awarded something large and woody.

Finally and separately from today's joy of running trains, a courteous
reminder to Guards to adhere to the timetable at intermediate stations.

All the best,